Our company was founded in 2003 in Athens having motorcycle seats upholstery and repair as our exclusive business subject, specializing in making comfort seats.

Most of the production of these products is made by hand in order to ensure the best possible quality. Due to large variety, most of our products are custom made therefore the production is limited. For the production we use temporary equipment, as well as high quality materials which fulfil the necessary requirements and have certifications.



For the manufacture of our products we use modern equipment and high quality materials that meet the required specifications and are certified. Some of these materials are manufactured to the standards that we set, by the largest companies (in their industry) worldwide, so that we can be sure of the final quality we provide and can give guarantees.

Weight distribution sensor

With the help of the saddle weight distribution sensor, we confirm that the anatomical saddles we manufacture are improved in three areas.

  • Reducing the average and maximum pressure at the contact points
  • Increase of the rider’s contact surface on the saddle
Gel Pads

GEL is a material, in the form of pads, installed upon order as a last layer on the seat foam, in order to achieve better weight distribution for the rider. The longer you are riding, the GEL pads efficiency is increasing and it is absorbing vibrations better.


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